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Summer student profile

Working with March Consulting has allowed me to explore the importance of human and environmental safety within the mining industry. I am currently involved with updating March’s Occupational Health and Safety manual, which includes updating the Alcohol and Drug policy to reflect the pending legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. While updating the manual, I have learned about the structure of workplace policy, as well as the importance of having clear processes in place for staff and independent contractors to ensure compliance with procedures, rules, standards and regulations. As part of my work, I developed an inventory control database system for March’s safety equipment and tools to ensure that quality standards for monitoring and measurement equipment are met. By updating the Occupational Health and Safety manual, developing the equipment database, and being mentored by my supervisor, I gained a thorough understanding of a multitude of safety topics, including fall protection, safety preparedness and safe work practices to name a few.
Throughout the three months that I have been at March, I have worked closely with Lucien Nel, Director, Safety Health Quality & Risk. Working with Lucien has allowed me to learn from his vast project safety experience and academic research on countless mining, safety, and environmental topics. He and I will be working on a mine ventilation project throughout the upcoming weeks which we are both enthusiastic about. Safety projects and mine ventilation comprise the larger portion of my work during my summer term employment with March Consulting. Lucien has also given me opportunities to take on smaller tasks and learn from different experiences in addition to the larger project work we have been doing. I was able to gain familiarity with ISNetworld, and to understand the importance of client procurement processes for service providers. As well, I worked on March Consulting’s new employee onboarding system, updating the safety orientation process to reflect the changes in company management, legislative changes, and evolution of the company.
I am proud of the work I have accomplished within March, and am thankful for the opportunity to explore the various aspects of human and environmental safety, mine ventilation, procurement, and organizational management systems in the mining industry.

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