Gold and Base Metal Projects

Gold Mine Concept Development | Brigus Gold

Completed a capital cost estimate for a remote Northern gold mine. Objective was to minimize capital cost requirements for the project. The project also included EIS and EA review, development of a commitment register, and gap analysis of the proposed preliminary design against the EIS commitment register.

Open Pit Gold Mine Optimization | Confidential Client

Conducted open pit modelling for a Canadian based gold mining company to develop a mine plan for the exploitation of new deposits. March utilized the provided resource model and conducted the 3D modelling required to assist the client with determining economics of the new developments.

Polishing Pond Modification | Hudbay Minerals, Reed Copper Project

March did preliminary design options for cleaning out settled and suspended solids in a polishing pond while it is in operation. The continuous flow entering the pond was unable to be shut down because of underground mining and groundwater control. March presented three options to Reed that would enable cleaning out the pond while meeting all MMER requirements and specifications. Solids removed from the pond were to be placed in the TMF area. Therefore, minimal fluids were allowed to be removed with the solids. This eliminated the need for any fluids to be contained and treated.

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