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Safety, environment, and risk management play an integral role in every step of a project, from planning and design to construction management and commissioning. That is why we are dedicated to remaining at the forefront of safety and environmental risk assessment practices and trends. March’s commitment to safety and environmental management has given rise to a corporate culture of success that emphasizes excellence in safety performance and environmental stewardship underpinned by a formal health, safety and environment policy and a quality policy. These policies are supported by an extensive set of procedures published in our Health and Safety Manual and ISNetWorld™.

Well managed projects start with a project specific environment, health and safety plan that works with the client’s existing health, safety and environment systems to build leading edge risk-based programs. We believe that working with our clients to develop health, safety and environmental management systems, commensurate with the project complexity and size, is the best way to ensure that programs are successfully implemented, managed and maintained.

Risk assessment provides a formal method of identifying health, safety and environmental risks through recognizing hazards, assessing the effectiveness of existing controls and developing recommendations to mitigate risk. March will conduct hazard analyses and risk assessment of the health, safety and environmental aspects of the project to provide for effective mitigation and control of potential impacts from these aspects.

Our collective experience includes successfully managing, coordinating and conducting Environmental Assessments (EA) and developing comprehensive Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) to meet the requirements of the Environmental Assessment Act (Saskatchewan) and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. We have extensive experience in mining and processing, engineering, construction, environmental management, safety management, risk management, government liaison, EA coordination, EIS preparation, Phase1 and Phase 2 commercial site environmental assessments and industrial operations licensing and permitting.

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