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One of March's greatest strengths continues to be its ability to adapt to client needs. We are able to conform to client systems and software preferences. We proudly remain at the forefront of engineering and design technology and our team is equipped with the latest in software and capabilities.

Full 3D modeling is our standard practice and has been proven to minimize installation costs while reducing installation time and minimizing field modifications. Relative engineering costs are reduced along with overall engineering hours. The use of 3D modeling has also proven to be an extremely effective communication tool, especially in the training of client personnel, which March employs to its full advantage. The use of 3D PDF documents gives any client access to 3D models. Fabrication drawings are developed from 3D models and all drawings and models are produced in the file format desired by the client.

At March, we have the ability to produce 3D animations to assist in communication with clients, equipment suppliers and contractors. Animations have proven to be invaluable for constructability reviews and construction sequence planning. This efficiency is furthered by linking 3D animations to Primavera™ or other scheduling software packages, supporting construction work planning and construction management.

Our capability to produce 3D “intelligent” drawings which link the material, equipment specifications and documentation to the 3D model allows for superior record keeping and data management. Our 3D interference detection virtually eliminates high-cost field modifications. March has worked very closely with both local and international fabricators to reduce overall cost and schedule by integrating our 3D models with the fabricator’s CAD software, seamlessly sharing electronic files.

Software Capabilities Include:


AutoDesk® AVEVA® aspentech®
SolidWorks® ETAP® PTC®
Bentley®  (inRoads, MicroStation, PlantSpace, STAAD.Pro, OpenPlant, PowerPID)


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