Uranium Projects

Conceptual Uranium Mine Study | Confidential Client

Completed conceptual uranium mine study for a project located in the Athabasca basin in Northern Saskatchewan. Conducted trade-off studies to determine the appropriate mining methods, processing options, and power supply requirements. Study provided a report comparing the costs and technical feasibility of the various options. In addition, a promotional video was completed for presentation to potential investors.

BAPE Commission hearings on lifting the uranium moratorium in Quebec | Quebec Mining Association

Made a presentation on behalf of the Quebec Mining Association to the BAPE commission hearings in Quebec City. The presentation was on Radiation Safety in Modern Underground Uranium Mines in Canada. The presentation was well received, translated into French and posted on the BAPE website in both French and English.

Uranium Mill Initial Feasibility Study | Areva

Conducted an initial feasibility study for the mill of a proposed greenfield uranium mine in Nunavut. The activities included design of the process, incorporating processes not traditionally used in Canada’ s uranium industry, along with sufficient engineering to support the Class III estimate (+30/-15%). Also included in the scope of the project was a study of the power generation and potential heat recovery systems for the entire mine/mill operation.

Expert Review | North American Uranium Mine

Conducted expert review of feasibility study previously prepared by a global consulting firm. Specifically, the technical and economic aspects of the feasibility study were evaluated.

Paladin Energy Ltd. Due Diligence Review | North American Uranium Mine

Conducted due diligence study based on information prepared by a global consulting firm.

Uranium Mine Development | Cameco, Cigar Lake

Involved in the infrastructure and mine development for a test mine in Northern Saskatchewan and its subsequent development phase. The test mine phase included the site infrastructure development (access roads, waste rock storage, worker residence/camp, main offices, electrical distribution, and operation on the test mine).

McClean Lake Uranium Site and Facility | Cogema Resources Inc.

Project included: general arrangements for mill complex using 3-D modelling on CADD, material handling systems design and detailing, structural/architectural work, and capital cost estimating.

Gunnar Mine Decommissioning | Saskatchewan Research Council

Provided construction management services for the decommissioning of an abandoned uranium mine in Northern Saskatchewan. Services included: installation of construction infrastructure, demolition of surface infrastructure (including asbestos remediation), and coordination of logistics in a remote, northern environment.

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